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MIRG Australia is committed to the conservation of Australia's marine environment & diversity. Our main goal is to increase the availability of accessible information to raise community awareness and preserve Australia's unique coastal ecosystems.

About MIRG

MIRG Australia is a WA-based organisation that is committed to the conservation of the Australian marine environment. Our first objective is to provide clear and concise information on the state of and the occurring events in the oceans surrounding Australia, in order to increase public awareness.

To achieve this objective MIRG is currently working with Blue Office Productions in order to develop a series of documentaries and educational DVD's that highlight the dominant features of the WA marine ecosystem.

The development of books and articles on specific Western Australian subjects is another way through which we aim to increase the avilability of quality information that is accessible to the general public.

The second objective of MIRG Australia is to be actively involved in marine research and conservation. Advancing our understanding of this environment and its wildlife is an important step in dealing with conservation threats, management problems and human impact issues.


Hans Kemps filming at Shark Bay, WA. John Totterdell inspecting a hawksbill turtle prior to release off South Passage, WA.


We believe that the future of our marine environment is in the hands of all Australians and that the conservation of Australia's unique ecosystems and wildlife is reliant upon the availability of accessible quality information.


Hans Kemps is a biologist who started out his career with research projects on the Leeuwin Current, the marine ecologies of the south-west and southern bluefin tuna recruitment. He founded MIRG Australia in 2000 which eventually shifted his primary focus towards developing informative and educational products on WA marine ecosystems.

John Totterdell is a marine consultant with over 25 years of experience in fisheries and 15 years of involvement in southern bluefin recruitment research programs including tagging and sonar surveys. He is heavily involved in the production of several informative DVD's and is active in several conservation projects such as: the development of a management plan for the Recherche Archipelago and the protection of the humpback whale breeding grounds in Camden Sound.

MIRG Australia further works with numerous other individuals from different organisations depending on the project.