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Ningaloo Book Samples

Ningaloo: Australia's Untamed Reef


1. The Ningaloo Coast

The Emergence of Cape Range
The Current Climate
The Terrestrial Environment
The Coastal Waters

2. Ningaloo Origins

The Beginning
The Leeuwin Current
The Colonisation of Ningaloo Reef
Ningaloo Reef Today

3. Life On The Reef

The Diversity of Ningaloo Reef
Symbiosis: Mutualism
Symbiosis: Commensalism
Symbiosis: Parasitism
Predator vs. Prey
Mimicry and Camouflage

4. Ningaloo's Megafauna

Pelagics and Migrants
Ningaloo's Seasonal Events
Manta Rays
Whale Sharks
Tiger Sharks and Great Whites
Green and Loggerhead Turtles
Humpback and Rorqual Whales

5. The Future

Estimating the Value of Coral Reefs
The Status of Coral Reefs
Understanding the Threats - Anthropogenic Stress
Understanding the Threats - Global Climate Change
Managing Ningaloo
What's next?
Author's Note


Topic Box List

1. The Cape Range Mammals
2. The Cape Range Karst System
3. The Reef Builders
4. El Nino, La Nina & the Terrible ENSO cycle
5. The Ningaloo Current
6. The Ningaloo Connection
7. The Biogeography of Coral Reefs
8. The Diversity Riddle
9. Primary Production
10. Estimating Biodiversity
11. Coral Bleaching
12. Death of a Coalmine Canary
13. Aboriginal History on the Ningaloo Coast
14. The Early Explorers and Their Wrecks
15. Population Explosions, Mass Mortalities and Monitoring Programs

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