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Keep in touch with current affairs regarding the Australian marine environment - links are divided into conservation, oceanography, fisheries & aquaculture, climate/ENSO, eco-tourism, marine education & fish facts.



CSIRO. A useful site for basic information regarding Australian currents, several important fisheries & research.

Australian Institute of Marine Science. An excellent site for researching oceanographic, biological & ecological topics through the on-line reference library.

Geoscience Australia. A site with several interesting fact sheets on a number of topics, including the Australian seabed & the continental shelf.

National Tidal Centre. Historical data sets such as Sea Surface Temperature and sea level sets at a number of coastal locations can be requested through this website.

Marine Education

Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre. An excellent website providing marine education resources and a means to request a booking for its popular education programs, which are operated from Hillarys Boat Harbour in WA.

Marine Education Society of Australasia. A great site full of fact sheets on marine organisms, conservation, pollution, etc. and also home to the Australian Marine Education Alliance (AMEA).

Reef Education Network. A good site for basic material on reefs.

Australian Marine Environment Protection Association.

Science Teachers Association of Western Australia


The following operators are recommended by MIRG Australia on the basis of their sound environmental awareness and controlled interaction with the marine environment.

Exmouth >> Coral Coast Dive. The only operator in Exmouth with a licence to organise the famous millitary jetty-dive and knowledge of all other excellent dive-sites. Speak to Mike or one of his great staff members on: (08) 9949 1004.

Exmouth >> Ningaloo Blue Dive. This operator specialises in whale shark and manta ray tours which are highly successful, well organised and very well controlled. Phone the shop on (08) 9949 1119 or Peter direct on 0438 193 271.


Department of the Environment and Heritage. A great site that includes info on the EPBC Act, Greenhouse issues, Biodiversity & Threatened Species, Coasts & Oceans, Heritage and Parks & Reserves.

Australian Conservation Foundation. This site features solid information on a broad range of Australian conservation issues.

Department of Environment and Conservation . The site is called NatureBase and features accessible information on a number of the marine ecologies of WA.

Australian Marine Conservation society. A well-connected site with lots of information and news.

Reef Education Network. A good site for basic information on reefs and reef conservation.

The Wilderness Society. A good site for keeping up-to-date with threats to important regions. Some information on specific areas such as Ningaloo, the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Australian Bight is also available.

Recherche Archipelago Advisory Group. A great site for information about the Recherche Archipelago just east of Esperance off the south coast of WA.

World Wildlife Fund. A great organisation, although the website is scattered at best.

Australian Geographic. Basically a sensationalist site to gain new members for the publication. Don't expect much detailed information.

Conservation Volunteers. A good site for finding volunteers or to sign up yourself.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Full of information about the Great Barrier Reef.

Fisheries & Aquaculture

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. A somewhat unfriendly site but handy for picking up facts: see "Publications" (under Tools & Services banner) >> "Fisheries" or "Fisheries & Marine Sciences" to pick up Fishery Status Reports and the like.

Australian Fisheries and Management Authority. This site features lots of information on specific Australian fisheries.

CSIRO. A useful site for basic information regarding Australian currents, several important fisheries & research.

Department of Fisheries WA. Great WA site with lots of important info on aquaculture, fisheries (commercial & recreational), fish habitats, state of the fisheries, etc.

National Fisheries ESD. Information on Ecological Sustainable Development of fisheries.

Climate / ENSO

Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology. An excellent site for current info & predictions regarding rainfall, temperature, the Southern Oscillation Index and Sea Surface Temperatures (SST).

Climate Diagnostic Center. A US site on the state of the global climate. Great info on El-Nino/LaNina cycles (including animations of SST anomalies (i.e. deviation from expected temperature) in the Pacific over the last 12 months.

Department of Land Administration. A commercial site where nothing comes for free. Good for ordering products such as satellite Sea Surface Temperature images.

Land On Line. The only site through which you can view recent and current satellite Sea Surface Temperature images. Go to Satellite Images, then to Fishing Hotspots and pick the area you're interested in.

Buoy Weather. An American site with surprisingly substantial info on Australian offshore weather forecasts. Gives 7-day forecasts including wind and open-ocean seas & swell information for every 6 hours.

Fish facts

Fishbase. A brilliant site for biological, ecological and fishery data on any fish species anywhere.