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MIRG is in the process of co-producing several informative books and documentaries on our unique WA marine ecosystem. Current research projects involve southern bluefin tuna and great white sharks.

Great white shark research

MIRG Australia and Blue Office Productions have been collecting great white shark research material and footage for many years and we are aiming to release the information in a future DVD.

If you have an interesting story or want to know more, please contact Dave Riggs (Blue Office Productions) on 0428 428003 or riggsnparis@westnet.com.au.

SBT research

The migration of 1-year old southern bluefin tuna from north-western waters to the feeding grounds of the Great Australian Bight is an important aspect of this species' life history.

The population has been overfished since the 60's and the remaining stock is thought to represent 8-12% of the 1960 level. Although the fishery has been actively managed since the late 80's, scientific data suggests that the stock has not recovered from this overfished state and is, in fact, getting smaller.

MIRG is collaborating with CSIRO and FRA (Japan) in the collection and analysis of environmental and biological data to build an ecological profile of these 1 year olds. Ultimately this information will improve the accuracy of abundance estimates and enable managers to make well-informed decisions.


MIRG Australia/Blue Office Production's aim to produce educational documentaries on WA ecosystems is ongoing. Many hundreds of hours of footage have been collected at numerous locations along the west and south coasts of the State.

For 2010 the focus will be on Ningaloo Reef and the Abrolhos Islands - and we can always use help from people who have an interest in being involved... Interested? Get in contact!

Available DVD's are listed in the MIRG Shop.


Filming a great white shark Filming a great white shark. Male dugong Encounter with a courting male dugong (Shark Bay) Southern Bluefin Tuna Research Southern bluefin tuna recruitment research . Photo by C. Kitson A porcelain crab in its anemone (Ningaloo Reef).

Got an Idea?

People with ideas for books on any part of the WA environment are welcome to contact Hans Kemps for support. MIRG Australia is hoping to partially fund informative projects in the future.

Shark Bay documentary

"SHARK BAY: Gutharragudu" is out!! After three and a half years, the documentary on Shark Bay is finally completed. Full of brilliant footage from above as well as below the water line, the documentary brings us up close and personal with all of Shark Bay's creatures, from dugongs to whales, seasnakes and even some of Shark Bay's legendary locals...

After the success of "Going With the Flow - Tracking the Leeuwin Current" MIRG Australia and Blue Office Productions once again teamed up with Coastwest and DEC to produce an informative/educational documentary on Shark Bay.

"Shark Bay: Gutharragudu" aims to provide visitors, user groups and Western Australians with some important and exciting information about the bay, its evolution, its ecologies and its wildlife. Available from the MIRG Shop.

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes.

Ningaloo Reef Book

As part of our commitment to ensure an increase in quality information regarding Australian marine ecosystems, we have finalised a book on the natural history of Ningaloo Reef and the Cape Range peninsula.

"NINGALOO: Australia's Untamed Reef" incorporates recent scientific information and a range of stunning pictures from Craig Kitson and other Western Australian photographers. The five parts of the book focus on the following areas:

  • The Ningaloo Coast
  • Ningaloo Origins
  • Life on the Reef
  • Ningaloo's Megafauna
  • The Future

This book is the first of a series on WA ecosystems MIRG Australia is anticipating to develop and publish. We are interested in working together with other groups, clubs or individuals and invite anyone to contact us with an idea or proposal.

"NINGALOO" is planned to be in selected bookstores by March 2010 for $49.95 but is currently available as an e-book ($24.95) from the MIRG Shop.