MIRG Australia MIRG Australia

MIRG can be contacted to: write articles on Australian marine ecologies and conservation issues; write scripts for documentaries; consult on the Western Australian ecosystem; or to coordinate film crews & expeditions.


MIRG Australia can be contacted to supply information regarding many Australian marine topics, including issues regarding conservation, fisheries, aquaculture, eco-tourism and oceanography.

All information supplied will be based on current scientific reports and knowledge.

Filming your research

MIRG Australia and Blue Office Productions are interested in documenting marine research for future educational products.

Please contact us if you can put up with a camera for a day...

Queries are welcome any time.

Scripts / documentaries

MIRG Australia can be contacted to write, develop or proofread scripts. Alternatively, in cooperation with Blue Office Productions, MIRG Australia can supply specific footage, and/or produce entire documentaries and promotional or informative videos/DVD's.

Please contact us for a discussion.

Media articles

MIRG Australia can be contracted to write articles or supply images regarding Australian marine wildlife, ecologies, conservation and oceanography.

WA community program support

MIRG Australia is supportive of community programs regarding the conservation and/or rehabilitation of marine environments. We are available to help community groups in the form of organisational matters and/or funding application.


MIRG Australia is working to reduce the current gap in educational resource material on WA's marine environment and ecosystems. It is our aim to develop a series of books and documentaries that are tailored to provide students and the public with accurate and up-to-date information.

Educational products such as documentaries are available for sale through this website and additional footage or other material can be made available at no cost or a reduced price.