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*NEW* Ningaloo Book

Ningaloo: Australia's Untamed Reef


Ningaloo: Australia's Untamed Reef is the story of a remarkable coral reef system that, despite its many fascinating attractions, has somehow escaped the spotlight of major tourism.

It is difficult to overestimate the conservation value of Ningaloo as it boasts a number of defining and truly unique characteristics. For one, it is the largest coral reef system to grace the west coast of a continent and lies far enough from the equator to be influenced by distinct seasonal change, attracting a fantastic wealth of charismatic megafauna, including whales, dugongs and whale sharks - animals that are simply not seen at most other major reefs around the world.

Ningaloo Reef also happens to fringe one of the most arid coastal environments in the world and apart from providing a spectacular panoramic contrast to the blue and turquoise waters of the reef, the dry limestone of Cape Range has a fascinating history of its own - as evidenced by the marine fossils that riddle the terrain up to 330 m above sea level.

In our age of ever-increasing human pressures and the looming threat of global climate change, the health of coral reefs all over the world is rapidly diminishing and it pays to remind ourselves why these incredible biodiverse systems are so very important to preserve. Ningaloo: Australia's Untamed Reef is the first account of WA's own coral reef: its surroundings and its creatures - revealing a world full of alliances and struggles, tranquility and terror, beauties and beasts…

Author: Hans Kemps

Pictures: Craig Kitson, MIRG/BOP and others

Published by: MIRG Australia

184 pages (240+ pictures)

15 Topic Boxes



Part 1: The Ningaloo Coast

Download a 4 page sample of Part 1

Part 2: Ningaloo's Origins

Download a 2 page sample of Part 2

Part 3: Life on the Reef

Download a 4 page sample of Part 3

Part 4: Ningaloo's Megafauna

Download a 4 page sample of Part 4

Part 5: The Future

Download a 5 page sample of Part 5

Topic Box List

1. The Cape Range Mammals
2. The Cape Range Karst System
3. The Reef Builders
4. El Nino, La Nina & the Terrible ENSO cycle
5. The Ningaloo Current
6. The Ningaloo Connection
7. The Biogeography of Coral Reefs
8. The Diversity Riddle
9. Primary Production
10. Estimating Biodiversity
11. Coral Bleaching
12. Death of a Coalmine Canary
13. Aboriginal History on the Ningaloo Coast
14. The Early Explorers and Their Wrecks
15. Population Explosions, Mass Mortalities and Monitoring Programs

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NINGALOO: Australia's Untamed Reef Book

184 pages (240+ pictures)

15 Topic Boxes


SHARK BAY: Gutharragudu DVD

Topic: Shark Bay - the terrestrial and underwater environments, its natural history, and its human stories.

Duration: appr. 45 minutes


Going With the Flow DVD

Topic: The Leeuwin Current - its source, history, and effects on Ningaloo Reef, Shark Bay, the Abrolhos Islands, the Southwest and the southern WA coast.

Duration: appr. 27 minutes


Unique and Unexplored DVD

Topic: The Recherche Archipelago & its underwater world.

Duration: appr. 25 minutes


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*NEW* Shark Bay Documentary

Shark Bay: Gutharragudu


As one of the few places in the world to satisfy all four natural World Heritage Criteria, Shark Bay ranks high on the list of most valuable places on Earth. Within its famous waters we find living marine stromatolites; the largest known seagrass meadows in the world; 10% of the surviving global dugong population; and a wealth of fish, seasnakes, turtles, whales, rays and sharks. On land, Shark Bay is a collage of brilliant landscapes where desert flora and fauna coexist with those from the temperate Southwest, harbouring numerous rare indigenous marsupials, reptiles and birds.

Yet, well hidden underneath the splendour of its unique environment, lies a human story...a story that starts before the Bay was formed with the Mulgana, Nhanda and Yinggarda peoples...a story that involves European discovery, adventure and disaster...a story that still plays today and is deeply intertwined with the Bay itself.

Shark Bay: Gutharragudu is a documentary on this spectacular area. It takes us through each natural feature and reminds us that we can all reconnect to country.

Produced by Blue Office Productions & MIRG Australia in cooperation with Coastwest & The Department of the Envorinment and Conservation (DEC). Animations by: Alex Livingstone - Core Animation.

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen

Approximate Running Time: 45 minutes

Leeuwin Current documentary

"Going With the Flow: Tracking the Leeuwin Current" - was the first educational documentary MIRG Australia co-produced with Blue Office Productions. It combines spectacular animations with fantastic underwater footage to tell the story of this amazing current.

Going With the Flow DVD

Western Australia's marine environment is like no other in the world. Its enormous diversity in both habitats and marine life is renowned and extraordinary places such as Ningaloo Reef, Shark Bay and the Abrolhos Islands have gained iconic status Australia-wide. Less well-known is that the state's coastal ecosystems largely owe their existence to a narrow band of tropical water with a long and fascinating history: the Leeuwin Current.

Leeuwin graphic

Going With the Flow: Tracking the Leeuwin Current tells the story of this curious current from the mangroves and mudflats of the Northwest to the cold-water reefs of the Recherche Archipelago on WA's south coast. With the help of three of the State's leading scientists; a wealth of fantastic footage; and a series of spectacular graphics we are taken on an epic journey through some of WA's most incredible locations and discover why this unique current truly is the lifeblood of our amazing environment...

Common dolphins

This is the first and only documentary to investigate the role of the Leeuwin Current on the State's coastal environment and wildlife. It explains why this strange current exists and how it affects the ecosystems of Ninaloo Reef, Shark Bay, the Abrolhos Islands, Rottnest Island and the southern WA coast. Though it was originally produced as an educational resource for Year 12 and university students, its fantastic footage and animations will interest fishers, divers and other people curious at what happens under the waves next to our shores.

Corals at the Abrolhos Islands

Produced by Blue Office Productions & MIRG Australia in cooperation with Coastwest & The Department of the Envorinment and Conservation (DEC). Animations by: Alex Livingstone - Core Animation.

Aspect Ratio: 4:3 (letterboxed)

Approximate Running Time: 27 minutes

"Unique and unexplored"

The promotional video "Unique and Unexplored" on the natural environment of the Research Archipelago is available again. After running out of copies, the video - commissioned by the Recherche Archipelago Advisory Group and produced by David Riggs and Jennene Paris with help from MIRG Australia - is now back in stock.

The video features plenty of underwater footage from the region and also includes interviews with the first Esperance commercial fisher and several scientists.